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What's Special about Blue Dolphins

Our Philosopy

In order to create global citizens who can play an active role in the world, we strive to provide children with Early Childhood English Education. "What can we/should we do for the children's future?" We constantly ask ourselves this question in order to be able to implement our teaching strategy, which is completely different from the one implemented at public schools. This is a strategy that can develop real communication skills. Not only do we work toward making dreams come true for the parents who care about their child but also we work toward motivating the children to find their own dreams and to work toward making their dreams come true. Blue Dolphins' dream is to create many leaders who can play an active role in the future.

6C educational policies







At Blue Dolphins, we follow these 6C educational policies:
「Communication, Cosmopolitan, Creativity, Challenge, Confidence, Caring」.
With the 6C policies in our mind, we implement our teaching strategy that helps students develop English skills as well as communication skills, in an environment
where they can learn and play IN English in a natural way.

Why Working At Blue Dolphins Is So Great?

Great teaching environment.

At Blue Dolphins, the class sizes are
kept small so that the teachers can
focus on each student.
In such teaching environment,
the teachers can see the progress of
each student and can find it rewarding
to be the reason why they improve.

Long-term/stable employment

At Blue Dolphins, we have
many employees who have been
working with us for a long time.
With our training system,
the longer you work with us,
the more you learn to improve
your teaching skills.
Also, Blue Dolphins is listed with
JASDAQ Standard which means
that the management is stabilized
and your employment is secured.

Contribution to the society

Blue Dolphins’ goal is to create
global citizens who can play an
active role all around the world.
By joining Blue Dolphins,
you will be working towards
reaching the goal with the children
and other members of Blue Dolphins.
You will be the one who helps the
children acquire English and
communication skills.
You will be the one who shapes
the future.

Blue Dolphins Teacher’s Schedule

Pre Dolphins

After School

Staff Testimonial

Hello, my name is Susan, and I have been living in Japan since 2014.
I have been working at BDA since February 2018, and it is the second company I have worked for in Japan.
The experiences I have had working at both companies are like night and day.
At BDA, I feel listened to and valued. I am constantly encouraged to express myself and make changes wherever it seems necessary.
If you are looking for a place with a great company culture, then BDA is the place for you!

Blue Dolphins staff


My name is Christiane Dees.
I have been working at Blue Dolphins for more than 15 years.
Since 2014, I have been the Manager of Blue Dolphins Takatsuki School, and as part of my job, I teach our 1st to 6th grade Elementary students.
Teaching kids of all ages has been an exciting and rewarding experience and also quite a challenge at times. Often I feel like I have learned just as much from them as they have from me.
Some kids come every day, so a teacher-student relationship in the beginning gradually changes into more of a family-like relationship.
That may have its pros and cons and involve even greater responsibility towards the kids and their families. However, I believe that it is mutual trust that makes the kids even more eager to learn, explore new ways and discover themselves. Kids’ brains work like sponges, which makes it so much fun to teach them.
Seeing the children become comfortable around foreigners, having them learn from us, and watching them speak English to each other so naturally has been a rewarding experience and makes me want to keep going.

Blue Dolphins Manager


My name is Boukje Bruinsma and I am originally from The Netherlands.
I have been living in Japan since 2008 and working for Blue Dolphins since 2009.
I am currently working at Blue Dolphins Takatsuki School.
When I came to Japan, I already had a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology as well as experience with language learning myself. However, although my research had also focused on bilingualism and cognitive linguistics, teaching English to children was new for me and therefore a big challenge. How do you use everything you have learned from books and transfer it to the classroom?
By evaluating my own lessons as well as receiving help and advice from the other Blue Dolphins’ staff, I became more confident.
I enjoy working here and seeing the results first hand.
It is great to see Japanese kids as young as 2 years old speaking English confidently.
I will continue to learn from my students and colleagues and do whatever I can to provide the best learning environment for all the students in my class.

Blue Dolphins staff


Hello, my name is Mellissa and I have been teaching for more than seven years at Montessori and English schools.
I have been working at BDA since September 2017.
The experiences I have had working at BDA have been wonderful. During my first year, I was working at many different schools. I have met a lot of teachers and managers. I am so grateful to all of them because I have learned many things.
In addition, BDA has always appreciated dedication and service.
Lastly, I want to describe BDA through this, “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”
So, what are you waiting for? Join our team!

Blue Dolphins staff


Job Details

Recruiting Process

3minutes to complete the online application! You will be contacted
for the interview and demo lesson once you passed the document screening. 

Job Details

  • ・Native homeroom teacher for an English immersion after school program.
  • ・Plan lessons based on the monthly themes and annual curriculum
  • ・Monthly evaluation on each student based on the observation
  • ・Help plan and implement annual events (Halloween/Christmas)
  • ・Support students with their homework
  • ・Help students prepare for Eiken test
  • ・Daily communication with the parents
  • ・Play and have fun with the children!
  • ・Native or equivalent in English
  • ・Experience working in the field of Early Childhood Education(esp. with elementary school students)
  • ・Experience creating original lesson plans
  • ・Love teaching children
  • ・Has a valid work visa (*working holiday visa NOT considered)
  • ・Monday to Friday OR Tuesday to Saturday
  • ・12pm to 8pm
  • *Working days change depending on the location
  • *Occational Sundays and public holidays
  • ・240,000yen〜255,000yen before tax to start
  • *Negotiable based on the experience
・Summer holiday, Winter holiday, 10paid days off
  • ・Transportation fee fully provided
  • ・Social insurance, pension covered
  • ・Visa renewal support provided (Only for renewal)

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Q1 What kind of teaching materials do you use at school?
We use a variety of teaching materials based on the students and teachers’ needs and wants. We do provide teachers with store-bought materials such as workbooks, flash cards etc. However, we do use hand-made materials that are created by the teachers. We give our teachers freedom in what and how they deliver the lesson!
Q2 What kind of textbooks do you use at your school?
Almost all the classes do not use textbooks. Instead, the teachers come up with fun and engaging activities that children can enjoy while learning what they need to learn at their age.
Q3 Is it possible for me to take a long vacation?
Yes it is. We have summer holiday and winter holiday (about 10days for each). Often times, teachers use their personal vacation days to make the holiday longer. It will be a matter of how long you want to go on a vacation for, but we try our best to give all our employees holidays that have been requested.
Q4 Can I enroll my kids at the school where I work?
Yes, you can. As long as your child is ready for the program and there is a space, your child is more than welcome to join our program with you! If you want to do that, you get an employee discount.
Q5 Do you have “English-only” rule
Yes and No. Yes, we do have the rule; however, we do not enforce the rule against the children who are not yet comfortable speaking English only. Blue Dolphins teachers motivate and encourage the children to want to speak English by being a role model and providing them positive reinforcements and to say the least, just enjoy playing with them in English!